Reset. Rewire. Recharge.

Get “unstuck” and embrace how you feel. Then you can live life according to how you WANT to feel.

A common reoccurring theme we hear at WIN, “I just want to be happy but I feel stuck”. Many feel this at some point, you’re not alone. At times people can’t answer what would make their situation better and we tend to focus on external factors for answers.

“I will be happy when...”

can be a never ending cycle.

In order for change to occur, one must think, do, act and react differently. In order to change the way you think, you must know how you think. The mind is powerful, the stories we tell ourselves are very convincing. It’s time to “unlearn” what you taught yourself to be true and this takes work as well as a very honest approach to self-awareness.
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2018 MINDFit speakers:
Holly Fish
Founder – WIN

Holly Herlocker
Holly Herlocker Branding & Design

Dianne Jester
Founder & Director – WIN Career Closet

Felicia Johnson
Author – Do you Feel like a Fraud?

Heather Nelson
Entrepreneur/Writer/Co Founder — Seal Energy Solutions

Leah Patterson
Founder – Move Makeup/blogger

Angela Thomas
Founder – GodSent Greetings

Lisa Carver
Owner – Moxie Consulting

Kristin Knox
Radio Personality, Speaker